How We Work


Customer needs to send us an inquiry by call or mail. Further our customer care executives will get in touch with you as soon as possible on receiving the enquiry from you. They might also ask you to send the designs or visit the shop. They might also schedule a sales executive to meet you in case it is a business order.

Client Meeting

This would be one on one meeting in presence of our sales team or designers or both. This is done to actually understand client requirements before designing the uniforms. And once we understand the clients requirements we present designs as per their needs and interest.

Selection of Fabric

It’s one of the important stages where after understanding requirements of the clients we suggest the fabric which is of best quality as per new trends in the market. We have fabric suppliers all over the United Arab Emirates and also in international markets. We mainly import fabric and accessories from various parts of the world's textile hubs like Spain, Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and China.

Quotation Approvals

Once the fabric and Design selection is done, Quotation will be sent to the client and necessary changes will be done based on negotiations. Along with quotations all terms and conditions will be mentioned.

Fabric Sourcing

As per client selected fabric sourcing will take place. Normally from our side we suggest fabrics which are available in market but incase if it is not available client is required to give us 3-5 days of time to locally source and get the fabric or might end up in suggesting the alternative fabric. Kindly note that die can be done on fabric locally or outside the country and charges will apply for the same which is extra cost which is not included in quotation.


Based on the style and fabric selected, my clients sample live pre production sample will be prepared and only once this pre-production sample is approved final production will take place.These samples will be chargeable but once the final order is placed it will be adjusted with the actual order.

Local Purchase Order

Once the quotation is approved, the client needs to raise Local Purchase Order in order to process the uniform order. LPO serves as an official document for finalizing the order and gives confirmations on moving forward with the other procedures.


Once the LPO is raised our team will visit your workplace to take measurements. Measurement will be taken as per clients instructions and employee comforts keeping in mind designs selected by the client.

Cutting & Stitching

Once the measurement taken this will be given to our experienced masters who will prepare the patterns as per individual measurements and cut the fabric which will be bundled and given to tailor for stitching who will stitch it as per the design and instructions of the master.


Once the stitching is complete further it will go to the processing section where Buttoning, Laundry & Ironing will be done and finished items will be handed over to the packing department


Trail of goods will take place for high end products where semi finished product will be prepared and will be sent to the client to check the fittings. Once the adjustments are done it will be sent back to production for completing the tailoring process.

Packing and Dispatch for Delivery

Once the product is received from the processing area it will be neatly packed keeping in mind safety of the product and along with the details of the product. Customised packing process also can be designed as per the specific instructions by client.

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