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Corporate Uniforms

Corporate uniforms will allow business to be recognizable by its customers especially if it is enabled with a logo. Apart from that uniforms build a positive energy inside employees which will reflect in their performance throughout the day. Corporate uniforms build a sense of equality and togetherness. Corporate uniforms improve overall customer services and build confidence in employees and as well in customers while communicating with each other. It also works as a sense of security and recognisable in various departments inside the organization as well.

Corporate uniforms builds an impression towards customers. It is also proven that corporate uniforms build confidence in employees while talking to customers. Corporate uniforms also act as a symbol of status in the community. At Unifit uniform we have several professional designs and expert staff who will help you in building this status in society and create brand awareness.

Hotels & Restaurant Uniforms

Whether you run a hotel,bistro, pub, bar and grille or a fine dining establishment, your employee uniform is an integral part of a company's brand identity. In Hotels and Restaurants uniforms matters a lot. It is a first step of impression towards its customers. Uniforms make a big difference in the field of hospitality. Hotel & Restaurant uniforms serve as brand identity and make it easy for customers to identify who is an employee from whom they can seek help.

Hotel Uniforms also serves as a pride to its employees which create a professional environment and builds a sense of togetherness and teamwork. In big hotels it is also very useful inorder to easily identify the category or department of staff. It is also proven that hotel uniform truly matters while creating an impression on customers about the firm. Thus indeed hotel uniforms are a great source of customer satisfaction and employee motivations which allow them to work as a team in an efficient manner. In Hotels and Restaurants uniform is also an important factor considering health, safety and hygiene concerns of its employees.

Retail Uniforms

Customer experience & satisfaction is the most important factor in retail business and employee uniforms have a major role in the same. Retail uniforms help customers to identify and employee and seek for help. Employee uniform and appearance has an impact on the purchase decision of customers. It is also a statistically proven fact that customers are most likely to buy goods or ask suggestions from an employee with uniforms. Retail uniform helps employers to brand the company and also for ease of identification between customers and its employees on individual as well as departmental basis.

Retail uniform gives a sense of team spirit Unifit uniform gives special care while designing retail uniforms taking into consideration comfortability of employees based on department for ease of work. Unifit uniforms also make sure that retail uniforms are matching with the store theme and also comfortable for its customer with a stylish look. It is an unignorable fact that when an employee is in a fit and stylish uniform it boosts the confidence level and increases efficiency level. To explore our retail sector uniform designs collection send us the enquiry today.

Industrial & Construction Uniforms

Working in construction sites may be dangerous and challenging. In the Construction industry, uniforms play a vital role in terms of Durability, Safety & Protection from potential hazards. Construction sites normally surrounded by heavy objects, materials, fire, chemeniUnifit. Presenting employees with safety uniforms provides comfortness to work without much worries and helps them to do their job well. High quality essentials in construction uniforms in order to ensure safety of employees. It also reflects the standard of the company and also works as an effective advertisement. When it comes to construction uniforms we do not compromise on quality and safety standards in fabric and design aspects. It is also important that when clients, inspection authorities or potential investors wisit the construction site a well dressed uniform speaks a lot about a company's operation procedures. Construction uniforms must be stitched taking into consideration of type of work, functionality and weather conditions as well.

As a responsible employer providing the right quality uniforms to its employees is not only a responsibility but it also helps in reducing liability by protecting from harsh conditions. Safety and construction uniforms also works as a sense of protection to its employees. Unifit uniforms is a one stop solution for all your uniform needs. Uniforms also work as an instrument for protecting yourself in hazardous sites in construction and maintenance sites.To explore our Industrial and construction uniform designs collection send us the enquiry today.

Facility Management Uniforms

Facility Management ensures the cleanliness and comfort of the working environment as well as promoting occupational well-being. With the work quality, effortlessness, speed and work efficiency facility management platform is growing in the market.

At Unifit Uniform we provide a variety of uniform options to the facility management segment to work at ease and comfort. Since these people will be working on cleanliness and maintenance of facilities on a regular basis while selecting fabric we also keep in mind durability and safety factors as Unifit uniform always aims to provide high-quality uniform to its customers. To explore our Facility Management uniform designs collection send us the enquiry today.

Healthcare Uniforms -Hospitals/Clinics/Pharmacy

At Unifit we provide all types of healthcare uniforms including lab coats, front office staffs, admin staff wear, aprons, head covers, bed Covers, cushion covers, patients wear, maternity wear and also PPE equipment in a standard quality. When it comes to the Health care segment again we do not compromise on quality of fabric and finished product. The fabric that we choose here is durable, breathable, skin friendly and helps keep moisture away from skin. We are one of the best uniform sellers in the UAE for Hospitals. We ensure to highlight your brand with the best designs.

While designing Hospitals, clinics and pharmacy uniforms we also take special care of comfortness and durability of uniforms. At Unifit uniforms we give attention to detail in order ensure that you get the finished product at your comfort. With our tailor made uniform we ensure you give our best so that you can stand out in the market. Our expert sales professionals suggest high grade fabrics which would be very suitable to carry out the job in a most comfortable manner. We possess fabric collection on only high quality standards for corporate needs. So send us your inquiry to avail the best collection of uniforms in the United Arab Emirates.

Housekeeping Uniforms

We offer a variety of maid and nanny home nurse uniforms to our corporate and retail clients. We manufacture customised uniforms as per the client needs as their preference. Our tailor-made business clothing choices will bring out the best in your people, and give them a sense of pride about where they work as well. We prepare materials from best quality materials so that it may long last. We provide a variety of like nanny dress, tunic, scrub suits and other accessories as a part of housekeeping uniforms at best price.

We provide both domestic and business housekeeping uniforms. With Unifit we ensure to provide you with the best quality of material and the best quality of tailoring. For housekeeping uniforms we have different collections of uniforms so send us the enquiry and explore our best collections on housekeeping uniforms. We take the highest care for our customer needs and we give attention to detail. Contact us today or send us an enquiry for viewing our samples or you may visit our shop and view the samples.

Saloon/ Spa/ Beauty care Uniforms

Beauty care, Saloons and Spas must be presentable inorder to attract more customers for business, Thus when it comes to attracting the customers attire that you wear speaks a lot about your business standard, attitude and business model. For customer retention and long lasting experience uniforms designs must be good. At Unifit uniforms we have a variety of collections of designs and fabrics with which greater customer experience can be created. We also do tailoring in designs provided by clients with which we get the customers ideas/designs into live product.

With Unifit Uniforms we ensure to give priority to your brand and theme and based on the same we suggest best available options to the clients. We also ensure to give you quality uniforms at the highest level of comfort. We provide customised uniforms in the United Arab Emirates as per your needs not only with fabric and designs but also with additional options like embroidery, screen printing, sublimation, buttons, pocketing and logos as well. So hurry up now send us the enquiry for your requirements.

Security Uniforms

When it comes to Security Uniforms Unifit uniforms have the best quality of uniforms at best price in the market. While selecting designs and Fabrics for security uniforms we take special care of their needs like comfort,look, fit, fabric that can handle sweat, visibility, durability and options to keep the security gadgets. At Unifit uniforms we provide excellent quality of security uniforms with additional customization options. Along with quality uniforms we also ensure to give importance to your brand awareness among customers. We provide both custom and standard size uniforms which come in various sizes. Our main focus is to delight our customers with the best service.

Professionally dressed security uniforms display company image and standards and also it builds confidence in customers who are visiting shop for services. So for high quality designer and professional uniforms contact Unifit Uniform today. If you are looking for uniforms suppliers in Dubai or UAE then Unifit uniforms is the best option to go for who provide quality uniforms at best reasonable rates.

School Uniforms

School uniform is a symbol of pride & uniformity, Creates identity for school in community and it also builds discipline in students. School uniforms build a sense of togetherness and equality among students & among the staff. It also helps in creating brand value to school and helps in easy identification of students from other schools. School uniforms teach students how to dress smartly and help them in preparing for professional career life. School uniforms contribute positively to a child's behavior in school & in their professional life. With our experience we help schools in creating their unique identification and stand out from the rest.

We have a collection of a variety of fabric which would be most preferred by international schools and meets the status needs of schools. We also have a fabulous collection of designs which will delight parents and children. For school uniforms we offer shirts, trousers, skirt, jacket, tie, scarf,shoes, shorts, full length dresses, sweaters, jerseys, track pants, jumpers,badges, caps etc in different colors and sizes as per school needs. So, Wait no more and give us a call today or send your inquiry today.

Transportation Uniforms

When it comes to the transportation industry employees need to be provided with good quality uniforms as they work for long days/nights and they should concentrate on their way ahead in a comfortable manner. When it comes to Driving Training Institutes uniforms also works as a brand image that reflects company working culture. In driving learning institutes it is easy to identify and differentiate between staff, students and other people when they are in uniforms.

Unifit uniforms provide uniforms for Travels & Tourism Sector, Driving Institutes, Taxi Drivers, Private Transportation agencies, Limo drivers, Private house drivers, Government Transport authority drivers and so on. Transportations uniforms may consist of Safety vest, Shirt, Trouser, Jacket, Cargo Trouser, shoes, tie, scarf, hijab and T-shirts. We also provide uniforms as per clients customised needs.

Sports Uniforms

Sport uniforms mainly designed looking at the convenience of sportsmen and also based on safety needs. Over the years we have expertise in our company who are specialised in designing sports wear who design as per your needs. We have a collection of lightweight fabrics and are very convenient to wear. We take individual and business or events orders when it comes to sports uniforms. We have high quality eco friendly cost effective fabric and design collections from which you can choose or you may also present your ideas for uniforms on which we will work out.

We provide customised sports uniforms for business events, company events, schools, teams, groups or any cultural activity needs. We also have further options of customization like sublimation, screen printing and embroidery so that you may give it a look that is in your mind. You may also put your group, individual or team name in the sports uniforms and further customize the same. We ensure to provide you with well fit custom uniforms which will satisfy you and your sportsmanship. We use high quality og stitching with special threads that are used for stitching the sports uniforms. In sports uniforms we provide a variety of options like Tshrit, track pants, skirts, jackets, shorts and shoes. We ensure that the uniforms stitched by us of high quality, well fitted, durable for long lasting high performance. So Hurry up now, call Unifit uniform to place your order now.

Aviation Uniforms

We are pioneers for aviation industry uniforms who aim to provide best quality uniforms with the best designs. We take an extra step in beautifying the Air hostess and pilots that you see in flights by providing best quality and best fit uniforms for that they look good and serve you the best. In Airline Aviation uniforms Employee designation is normally identified with the help of cloths. We have expertise in giving the proud look in aviation uniforms by our designs and quality. Aviation uniforms create a sense of comfortness in passengers; they tend to talk to them with confidence with the staff for their queries by identifying with the help of uniforms. Aviation uniforms also work as a sense of togetherness where all its staff are working together for betterment of the organisation moving together for achieving the common goal.

Our experienced and well trained team of salespeople, stylish designers and expert production staff will make sure that you get your product on right time with excellent standards of quality. Over the years Unifit uniforms have gained expertise to provide outstanding quality of customised uniforms to its clients. In aviation uniforms we cover pilot uniform, air hostess, cabin crew, ground staff, admin staff, engineers and other support staff uniforms.We also provide other accessories such as shoes, safety gadgets, caps, tie, scarf, napkins etc. We give importance to brand highlighting for which we have various customization options. As a leading uniform supplier we are known in the market for providing the best quality of uniforms at a reasonable rate without compromising on quality. So hurry up now, dial to our customer service number and speak to our sales representative now.

Event Management, Catering & Tourism Uniforms

Since UAE is highly attracting tourist destinations in the world Catering, Event Management and tourism sectors are high in demand in the market. Hence uniforms play a vital role in attracting and retaining the customer. At Unifit uniforms we aim to provide the best quality of uniforms at most reasonable rates. We provide extreme care while designing uniforms for Event Management, Catering and Tourism sector uniforms. We have a variety of collection uniform designs for Event Management staffs, Catering Service Uniforms and Tourism Uniforms. We specialise in manufacturing customised uniforms for Event Management, Catering and Tourism industry.

We also undertake project works and finish it under time with finest quality. We provide well fit stylish designed uniforms with which customers will have a good impression on your company. We truly focus on highlighting your brand, culture and values through the form of uniforms. Our uniforms are made using the best quality of fabrics, threads and other accessories sourced from the best suppliers in the market. Our staff are also well trained to face any challenging situations or emergencies which may arise. So wait no longer. Unifit Uniforms is the best choice in the market. Send your inquiry today or call our customer care number inorder to speak to one of our sales representatives today.

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