Why Choose Us?


Our first priority is quality. We do not compromise on quality and We believe quality is very much a critical factor to satisfy and retain a customer. We are continuously working on improving the quality so that we can give the best to our customers by getting updated to the latest trends in the market. As one of the best uniform tailoring companies in UAE, always give the best quality goods to our customers.


Along with Quality we make sure that our products are affordable. Since clothing comes under basic needs of human beings we charge very less price to our customers with quality products than anyone else in the market. Thus this becomes a second reason to make Unifit uniforms to be your uniform manufacturing partner. The main factors which decide pricing are fabric, Accessories and design selection. The more expensive fabric & accessories or complex designs that you choose, the higher the price of the product goes.

Quick Service

Although stitching uniforms is manual and lengthy process which needs attention to details our dedicated staffs ensure that you get your product on time with timely updates. We always give priority to client needs and understand their deadlines and urgency. However, customers must understand that garment manufacturing involves a series of processes and it takes different levels of timings depending on the selected designs & expected quality of uniforms that customer is expecting.

Fabric Collection

Fabric selection is a very important step in manufacturing a garment. Its the Quality of fabric that matters a lot in final output of the product. We have collections of a wide range of quality fabrics which are standard in the uniform segment and actually tested by our sources. We have our fabric supplier all over the United Arab Emirates and we also import fabric from international markets so that we can always provide you with options of selecting the best as per your needs. We also source the fabric which is provided by clients in case of special requirements of our clients.


Job experience is a winning formula for success and we understand that well. We ensure that our experienced staff attend your needs in detail. We have staff who have experience of decades in the garment field who ensure that you get the right product as per your requirements. Our experienced tailors will ensure that your product is stitched as per the designs and instructions from the cutting master. Our admin staff will provide you time to time updates on delivery of goods. Thus all together as a team our experienced staff will ensure that you get the product as one masterpiece.

Personalised Branding

We help you differentiate yourself from your competitors by providing personalized branding options. Personalised branding allows you to present yourself to the world and build trust on your customers and builds positive energy in the workplace. We provide these options in selection of fabrics and designs and also mainly in logo or name printing on the cloths with various options available. We have various options like embroidery, screen printing, sublimation or heat transfer which allows you to personalise your product and market the same.

Dedicated Client Coordinators

Each of our clients will be handled by our sales executives or managers initially and slowly forwarded to our inhouse sales coordinators. Our dedicated client coordinators will attend your queries and give you appropriate answers either related to any new enquiry or status of existing order. Our sales coordinators will get updates on the progress of the orders from the production team so that they can advise the clients. They also hear your problems or complaints if any and take action on the same on an immediate basis by communicating to concerned departments and try to solve the issue as quickly as possible.

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Office No. 5, Al Hanriya Street, Fahidi , Dubai Pincode 00000